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Monday, November 17

The Return Of The Jedi (MSP)

Guess Who's Back!! Back Again.... hehe!!

Alright now, its been a long time! And if you're wondering what i've been doing all this time? or why i'd stopped posting? KEEP WONDERING... [;)]

So first things first... i am an MSP now (ummm.. whats that??). And it says there that one of my responsibilities among the lot is to maintain a blog.. so i contemplated creating a new one (its free after all), but then thought why not continue with this Skein Biogenesis.

So now you can expect reading a bit less of random thoughts and happenings here and i'd rather let this bit of webspace take a more informative turn (yea, movies count as informative). Also, through this space now you'll get all the news about new developments and researches microsoft's coming up with (their beta versions too), and you are free to comment, criticise, praise, acknowledge or just show ur unresponsive, unaffected behaviour towards them!

So here's to a new beggining.. a new start.. Cheers!!!
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