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Tuesday, September 30

Yeh hai Dilli meri jaan!

Ok, here's something interesting i found and thought would share it... Its about our very own city DELHI.... its hardly 2 years in delhi and i feel like a true blue delhite.. now places like NFC, CP, and other concepts that only a delhite could understand aren't foreign to me anymore. :)

"Many many years ago someone named all of Delhi’s ‘Clonies.’ At that time I’m sure that all the names were very accurate and well thought of. However over time things have changed and now the situation on the ground is very different. See if you recognize these colonies.

UnGreen Park is where it’s almost impossible to find anything green, the whole colony is virtually stone and concrete. While at Uday No Park, you just can’t find a place to park your car… careful don’t park there, someone may shoot you. Then there is that lovely colony where so
many retired people live, they all have gentle stomachs that poke out, yup it’s Paunchsheel Park.

How about that colony where there are so many foreigners that the Pan Shops accept foreign currency, welcome to Dollar Vihar. The poorer foreigners however get straight off the train and head for Ferung Gunj, where you can get bed and breakfast for 10 dollars.

In Alligator
Kailash II, where there are millionaires lurking behind every bush, tree and stream with just their eyes poking out from their 15 foot fences, like stalking alligators. This is the newer money of course. The old money is in Crore Bagh, where they played Kaun Benega Crorepati forty years back, and all the millionaires hide in middle class houses.

Near my colony is Chitto and Ronjon’s Park where you can get bherry good pheesh and find Chatterjee, Bannerjee and Mukherjee building up enargy.
Moving to Lutyen’s Delhi there is Cannotplace where you cannot even place a cy
cle because it is so crowded. Near that is Got Links, a colony where everyone has links. And it seems, BMWs.
Then there was this quiet nice little colony which had a nice cinema hall but we will have to rename it Sankat because they are building 5 malls there and messing up everything.
Despite being the largest colony in Asia there is Lonely Kunj, which seems very far removed from Delhi. On the other hand RKRKRK Puram is the largest government colony in Asia so it has to be officially
spelt in triplicate.

Which brings us to our two famous Satellites. There is GarbarGaon where- from water, to roads, to electricity there’s big trouble. And there is the wild west – where the fastest guns survive… Nevada. "

Well, as for me i live in FARIDABAD... where its all mud, all dirt, potholes are as big as craters on the moon! dont't get me started on faridabad please!!!!!!





Wednesday, September 24

More Than Paranthas


That's a Murg Methi Malai, a chicken tikka parantha and a chicken tikka methi parantha.. onions, green chutney... and thats about it!! a hearty meal! a satisfying meal... a heavy meal!!

More than paranthas!! thats the name of the place... well it didn't really live upto its name this time around.. the paranthas were decent and nothing special... the chicken was quite good, not exactly upto my taste buds, but thats just because my taste buds are habitual to the spicy and very oily butter chicken stuff.. this one was different, this was creamy, rich and filled with dry fruits of which am not really fond of!

After the VERY HEAVY meal, theres booze waiting for us.... and yea.. all this is when we have our WD sessional tomorrow... sessionals are like a party this time around... you go for the college for a few hours and the rest of the day is like a bunk! Party away in the evening and laze around in the morning... and its time for the exam...lets move!! haha!!

Right now, we're full, we are intoxicated with all the chicken we've eaten and theres still the beer bottles in the freezer!! its gonna be a short day tomorrow!! hopefully i'l wake up before the exam! CHEERS!!

Warranty Extended!!

So, Finally it feels as if I've won a case in the court or something...
The Dell Issue finally got resolved!

Received a mail from an executive of theirs confirming that my lappy's warranty had been extended, however they could not do anything about the other freebies that my salesperson had promised me, namely the optical mouse and the accessory kit. Initially i was skeptic about the warranty, had speculated that the Dell folks would crib about the warranty but would easily give away the mouse and kit.. it turned out to be the other way around though, and no one's complaining![:D]

This is what i received from the Dell executive... a screenshot of what the dell database might look like... It contains everything, right from my name, to my address, to my order date to the date the lappy was delivered!! :)

Sunday, September 21

Internet goes 3-D

Now here's something interesting, How about 3-D websites??? yeah yeah i know there are 3-d websites, but those are like just a single website which might have 3-d functionality... how about a tool which could convert any website on your browser into 3-D?? That would be way cool, it could change the way internet works!!

Just to illustrate.. i quote..
"Browsers can use the tool to turn their social networking pages on sites such as Facebook and MySpace into a virtual apartment, where photographs are displayed on the wall and links to friends are "doors" leading to other apartments. Users can customise their flats by "decorating" with 3D versions of couches from stores such as Ikea or downloading an e-jukebox to play music clips stored on their personal page."

So you go on like.."i'll visit my friends apartment online today..".... "hey check out the new couch i bought for my apartment".... way cool!!

Check out the whole story here.

Saturday, September 20

Winters Approaching

Its a turn of events, its a turn of the weather, and both have been for the good! Life's getting on the smoother road... i hope it is!

The main thing to be discussed at the moment is the weather... Its been awefully nice!! its been chilly!! the fans are off, the sheets are out! The sun hasn't shown for two days now, and that's what i like... Funny, how all other people seem to yearn for the sun to shine and I'm like praying... no no no, let it be like this, let it be cloudy, let it be overcast! I should've been born in England ;).

OK, so lets see... its sessionals from monday, currently I'm not prepared with anything.. its gonna be a long day tomorrow. Will have to spend the night with "Analysis and Design of Algorithms"... man. this is torture!

Meanwhile, news pours in that there's been a blast in Pakistan now... wtf man... Terrorists are like infiltrating everywhere... folks at home tell me how Chandigarh is on high alert and its traffic jams everywhere... the country is in a sensitive situation right now... When will the "War On Terrorism" end??
For the time being, i enjoy the weather... will get some algorithms done with tonight and looking forward to a heavy breakfast tomorrow!! :D

Sunday, September 14

Monday Blues

There are times when everything goes bad, everyone starts behaving like everyone else, and you just don't like it! Everything just, burns up inside u, it piles up, n just a spark can make it blast. But u gotta learn how to bring it down n just not make it public, because then it just gets worse!!

Tomorrow, again college.. and i've got the monday blues!! i really really don't wanna go to college!! i don wanna meet anyone, i don't wanna see anyone's face!!!

i wanna go to chandigarh!! its been ages!!! i dont even remember when i last went home. This must be the longest time duration that i havent been home. I'm sick of eatin food on the bed, i want a dining table. i'm sick of lying on this cot like bed. i want a proper matress. I'm sick of doing my laundry!! and am sick of the tiffin wala food!!!!!

Plz plz plz............. help me someone!! make things better!!1 make every1 understand what i feel!

Friday, September 5

Aint no sunshine when "he's" gone

Aint no sunshine when she's gone
Its not warm when she's away
Aint no sunshine when she's gone
And this house just aint no home
Anytime she goes away

Thats the original soundtrack from Notting Hill, and thats the similar situation me and my roomie, Harry are in at the moment... just a teeny weeny difference is that instead of a "she" its a "he", hold on to your horses everyone... nothing of the sorts you people think at the moment, we both are totally and completely straight!! Its just that "The Gorav" is too fun a guy not to miss!

So lets see, he went away yesterday, and we haven't had a hearty laugh since! Its been a normal day for a change without him. We had nothing to do in college, we had nothing to do after college.. we came, we slept and it was so boring without our neighbour!! Had nothing to do. Dinner, which is usually at Gorav's place amidst loud roars of laughter, was subdued today, even the food wasnt good!

Tomorrow's gonna be a hectic and compromising day, timings have to be perfect for everything to go in order. And most probably Gorav will be back day after!![:)] till then its no sunshine, errr... loads of sunshine though... its bloody hot!! hot as hell!!! where are the rain gods?? when is winter gonna come??????? we're baked in this room!! cant take it no more!

Monday, September 1

Its All About The Bike

Here's another stress buster i discovered today!! Washing my bike!!

Its been an irritating day to say the least, feeling all screwed up, didn't even wanna come back to the room, once even contemplated going to chandigarh on the bike....eventually did come back after an hour or so, since i had nothing better to do than sit in the sun, anyways no more about the day.

So parked my bike at gaurav's place, the bike hadnt been washed or pampered in anyway for the past couple of months. There, i saw a tap and a hose, and i was into the washing after that, my bike must be a couple of kilograms lighter now, for all the faridabad dirt and mud and scum is off my bike now!!
The main thing, its a channel to release all your frustration, anger, desperation, everything you feel!! Seeing the loads of mud come off, its as if cleansing my own emotions!!

The bike is shiny shiny now, but wont be the same in a couple of days, all this faridabad dirt is so irritating. Plus faridabad roads aren't all that good for the suspension even. Looking forward to that bike service due at the end of the month!

P.S. i don wanna go to coll today!!!! [:((]
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