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Monday, August 25

Email to Mr. Michael Dell

From: Ankur Gupta
Sent: Saturday, August 16, 2008 5:24 AM
To: Dell, Michael; michael.dell@dell.com; michaeldell@dell.com;
micheal@dell.com; dell@dell.com; Dell, Michael; Michael;
micdell@dell.com; mikedell@dell.com; mike@dell.com

Subject: is this the "Award Winning" customer support?

Mr Dell,
I don't know your email address, its just my wild guess that it might be
one of those that am sending on the list.

I ordered an XPS notebook on 7th july, which was delivered to me on the

14th of july (in INDIA). The salesperson had promised me of a
complimentary optical mouse, an accessory kit of some sort and an
upgradation on insurance of which i don't know the details. However, he
was clever enough to not add these in the quotation and had me convinced
verbally. I feel cheated by Dell as the freebies did influence my
decision ultimately in going against a Sony VAIO notebook. I reported
the matter to the Wrong,missing and damaged department but they said i
should contact the salesperson who took my order, to whom I've been
sending emails constantly, without any replies. Finally, my complaint
was recorded(Care Case No:1136570) and an enquiry was done, but the
enquiry solely depended on the sales person's word..to which he bluntly
refused, does the customer's word count for nothing???!!
Surely I'll be thinking more than twice if i were ever to recommend or
order anything from dell again. I did not expect this from an "award
winning" customer support as u say!!

i do not now expect any reply, or help or guidance of any sort! just

wanted my grievance to be heard by someone, and surely I'll be copying
and pasting all the above in as many forums as i possibly can!

Ankur Gupta

that's what i had written, completely irritated with the dell guys... check out the send to list.. i made up all possible combinations that Michael Dell could have as his email id, and it clicked! Here's the reply i got.. i think the people at dell's office diverted the mail to their India office..because i got the reply from an Indian executive.

Dear Mr. Gupta,
Thank you for writing to Dell.

At the outset we at Customer Care would like to thank you for your
patience, and extremely apologetic for the inconvenience caused.

This is with reference to your below mail regarding the insurance and
accessory kit. I would like to confirm that the one year complete cover
(accidental damages) insurance is already included in the quote and the
accessories kit includes the ear buds, remote control and built-in

Please feel free to contact me for any clarifications.

Thanks & Regards,
Maria Deepa
Customer Care
Dell India Pvt Ltd

this really pisses me off and I'm gonna write another mail back!! am not letting them go!!! even if i have to send a 100 emails!!!!! Mr. Michael Dell, beware of an email bomb!

P.S. just for the record, i have absolutely no qualms about my lappy!! totally and completely satisfied with it!! and also with the customer support for the product! just beware of being taken for a ride with the freebies they mention, and have them put whatever they mention in writing!


Shubham_CITM_TCS said...

so why exactly did u write this mail in the first place?
If i remember correctly, u wrote a laudatory post about ur lappy when u got it.

Ankur said...

this is just for the freebies.... all in all, am completely happy with the product!!!! no worries at all!!

pratik said...

ThaT Root of all Problems in a man's life ...called G.R.E.E.D

Ankur said...

oi!! shut up nikke!!! this is not greed!! this is asking for what was promised!!!![:p]

Anonymous said...

Ankur you suck! Stop complaining about a company like Dell.. You don't get a better Customer Service elsewhere. This is just greed!!

Dell is surely a award winning company and stop complaining and be content enough in Life.

[NA.03] said...

Yeah, I too am facing a lot of problems with Dell and the customer service is pathetic...

I have stopped recommending Dell to my friends...to avoid embarrassment...

Stop buying Dell, especially in India. They are supplying low grade products for the Indian market...

Anonymous said...

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