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Friday, September 5

Aint no sunshine when "he's" gone

Aint no sunshine when she's gone
Its not warm when she's away
Aint no sunshine when she's gone
And this house just aint no home
Anytime she goes away

Thats the original soundtrack from Notting Hill, and thats the similar situation me and my roomie, Harry are in at the moment... just a teeny weeny difference is that instead of a "she" its a "he", hold on to your horses everyone... nothing of the sorts you people think at the moment, we both are totally and completely straight!! Its just that "The Gorav" is too fun a guy not to miss!

So lets see, he went away yesterday, and we haven't had a hearty laugh since! Its been a normal day for a change without him. We had nothing to do in college, we had nothing to do after college.. we came, we slept and it was so boring without our neighbour!! Had nothing to do. Dinner, which is usually at Gorav's place amidst loud roars of laughter, was subdued today, even the food wasnt good!

Tomorrow's gonna be a hectic and compromising day, timings have to be perfect for everything to go in order. And most probably Gorav will be back day after!![:)] till then its no sunshine, errr... loads of sunshine though... its bloody hot!! hot as hell!!! where are the rain gods?? when is winter gonna come??????? we're baked in this room!! cant take it no more!


harry said...

"The GORAV" rocks!

Dude...we both miss him so much!

Yeah..the heat is on and the room is like a hot hot Tandoor right now...

I hope it rains tonight...

pratik said...

wat exactly are u missing (*wink wink*)?? cmon guys, u can temme ... gorav's umm-err physical traits weren't exactly masculine .... n u two ,away from ur respective '♥' ... i can totally understand !

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