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Tuesday, September 30

Yeh hai Dilli meri jaan!

Ok, here's something interesting i found and thought would share it... Its about our very own city DELHI.... its hardly 2 years in delhi and i feel like a true blue delhite.. now places like NFC, CP, and other concepts that only a delhite could understand aren't foreign to me anymore. :)

"Many many years ago someone named all of Delhi’s ‘Clonies.’ At that time I’m sure that all the names were very accurate and well thought of. However over time things have changed and now the situation on the ground is very different. See if you recognize these colonies.

UnGreen Park is where it’s almost impossible to find anything green, the whole colony is virtually stone and concrete. While at Uday No Park, you just can’t find a place to park your car… careful don’t park there, someone may shoot you. Then there is that lovely colony where so
many retired people live, they all have gentle stomachs that poke out, yup it’s Paunchsheel Park.

How about that colony where there are so many foreigners that the Pan Shops accept foreign currency, welcome to Dollar Vihar. The poorer foreigners however get straight off the train and head for Ferung Gunj, where you can get bed and breakfast for 10 dollars.

In Alligator
Kailash II, where there are millionaires lurking behind every bush, tree and stream with just their eyes poking out from their 15 foot fences, like stalking alligators. This is the newer money of course. The old money is in Crore Bagh, where they played Kaun Benega Crorepati forty years back, and all the millionaires hide in middle class houses.

Near my colony is Chitto and Ronjon’s Park where you can get bherry good pheesh and find Chatterjee, Bannerjee and Mukherjee building up enargy.
Moving to Lutyen’s Delhi there is Cannotplace where you cannot even place a cy
cle because it is so crowded. Near that is Got Links, a colony where everyone has links. And it seems, BMWs.
Then there was this quiet nice little colony which had a nice cinema hall but we will have to rename it Sankat because they are building 5 malls there and messing up everything.
Despite being the largest colony in Asia there is Lonely Kunj, which seems very far removed from Delhi. On the other hand RKRKRK Puram is the largest government colony in Asia so it has to be officially
spelt in triplicate.

Which brings us to our two famous Satellites. There is GarbarGaon where- from water, to roads, to electricity there’s big trouble. And there is the wild west – where the fastest guns survive… Nevada. "

Well, as for me i live in FARIDABAD... where its all mud, all dirt, potholes are as big as craters on the moon! dont't get me started on faridabad please!!!!!!





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Anonymous said...

good topic man...i am from faridabad too but i think south dellhi is better when u will find less jats & gujjar staring at you and they see that they want to eat you all the time

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