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Sunday, September 21

Internet goes 3-D

Now here's something interesting, How about 3-D websites??? yeah yeah i know there are 3-d websites, but those are like just a single website which might have 3-d functionality... how about a tool which could convert any website on your browser into 3-D?? That would be way cool, it could change the way internet works!!

Just to illustrate.. i quote..
"Browsers can use the tool to turn their social networking pages on sites such as Facebook and MySpace into a virtual apartment, where photographs are displayed on the wall and links to friends are "doors" leading to other apartments. Users can customise their flats by "decorating" with 3D versions of couches from stores such as Ikea or downloading an e-jukebox to play music clips stored on their personal page."

So you go on like.."i'll visit my friends apartment online today..".... "hey check out the new couch i bought for my apartment".... way cool!!

Check out the whole story here.

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