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Wednesday, September 24

More Than Paranthas


That's a Murg Methi Malai, a chicken tikka parantha and a chicken tikka methi parantha.. onions, green chutney... and thats about it!! a hearty meal! a satisfying meal... a heavy meal!!

More than paranthas!! thats the name of the place... well it didn't really live upto its name this time around.. the paranthas were decent and nothing special... the chicken was quite good, not exactly upto my taste buds, but thats just because my taste buds are habitual to the spicy and very oily butter chicken stuff.. this one was different, this was creamy, rich and filled with dry fruits of which am not really fond of!

After the VERY HEAVY meal, theres booze waiting for us.... and yea.. all this is when we have our WD sessional tomorrow... sessionals are like a party this time around... you go for the college for a few hours and the rest of the day is like a bunk! Party away in the evening and laze around in the morning... and its time for the exam...lets move!! haha!!

Right now, we're full, we are intoxicated with all the chicken we've eaten and theres still the beer bottles in the freezer!! its gonna be a short day tomorrow!! hopefully i'l wake up before the exam! CHEERS!!

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