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Saturday, September 20

Winters Approaching

Its a turn of events, its a turn of the weather, and both have been for the good! Life's getting on the smoother road... i hope it is!

The main thing to be discussed at the moment is the weather... Its been awefully nice!! its been chilly!! the fans are off, the sheets are out! The sun hasn't shown for two days now, and that's what i like... Funny, how all other people seem to yearn for the sun to shine and I'm like praying... no no no, let it be like this, let it be cloudy, let it be overcast! I should've been born in England ;).

OK, so lets see... its sessionals from monday, currently I'm not prepared with anything.. its gonna be a long day tomorrow. Will have to spend the night with "Analysis and Design of Algorithms"... man. this is torture!

Meanwhile, news pours in that there's been a blast in Pakistan now... wtf man... Terrorists are like infiltrating everywhere... folks at home tell me how Chandigarh is on high alert and its traffic jams everywhere... the country is in a sensitive situation right now... When will the "War On Terrorism" end??
For the time being, i enjoy the weather... will get some algorithms done with tonight and looking forward to a heavy breakfast tomorrow!! :D


pratik said...

Are u being tortured by ADA ? Are you boiling with anger , hearing about these terror strikes ??

If the answer is in affirmative, follow the followin steps :
1)Switch on your laptop.
2)Go to C:\Program Files\Steam\Counter Strike .
3) Double click on shortcut .

Be a CT , uncheck Bot weapons , and GO kick Some Terrorist a$$ ! GO,GO,GO ..

Ankur said...

Roger that sir!!

seriously, it feels so good to keep that sahini book down and start whipping the terrorist a**holes!!!

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