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Wednesday, September 24

Warranty Extended!!

So, Finally it feels as if I've won a case in the court or something...
The Dell Issue finally got resolved!

Received a mail from an executive of theirs confirming that my lappy's warranty had been extended, however they could not do anything about the other freebies that my salesperson had promised me, namely the optical mouse and the accessory kit. Initially i was skeptic about the warranty, had speculated that the Dell folks would crib about the warranty but would easily give away the mouse and kit.. it turned out to be the other way around though, and no one's complaining![:D]

This is what i received from the Dell executive... a screenshot of what the dell database might look like... It contains everything, right from my name, to my address, to my order date to the date the lappy was delivered!! :)


Shubham_CITM_TCS said...

extended warranty??? *:O*

Ankur said...

Extended warranty as in what had been 1 year's product warranty and help support and complete cover is now 2 years!!

Complete cover is the coolest thing.. it covers everything, right from stolen lappy to accidental damage breakage or anything of the sort!!

P.S. i really would not like to imagine my lappy being stolen or damaged in anyway though! Just that its a sorta insurance thing!

Shubham_CITM_TCS said...

i know all about that..planning to buy the XPS 1530M, so have been researching DELL for quite some time now, what I was actually interested in, is the fact that how did u manage to get this extension??

Ankur said...

Well, as i've written in the previous post.. it was at the time when i was ordering...i wasnt sure between dell n sony so the sales guy had promised me the free goodies on the phone.

Shubham_CITM_TCS said...

hmm..looks like u got a gr8 deal.. :)

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